Guest Post: Travel Ready with Lisa of Respect the Shoes

Hi ladies, this is Lisa with Respect the Shoes!  Many thanks to Melanie for inviting me to do a guest post – I’m super-excited that she’s back blogging because I’ve missed her sweet sense of style and her sense of humor. May there be many posts ahead!

Since I am an avid work traveler, Melanie thought if it’d be a fun idea to share with you how I pack for my trips. Granted I am by no means a pro-packer by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m OCD enough to know that I need to keep my stuff well organized. As most of my trips only last a few days, I tend to like to keep things as streamlined as possible and often opt to go the carry-on route for my luggage. Here’s how I do it –

The key for me when I travel is to be efficient and comfortable without looking sloppy. So a light jacket (with pockets!), cozy top and stretchy pants. Shoes I can walk a million miles in and slip on and off easily to get through security.


I usually bring a tote that’s big enough to fit everything I need while also small enough to fit under the seat in front of me. I leave the inside purse pockets clear for things like airline tickets or receipts I need to hold onto and keep the rest of the items compartmentalized for easier access. Since we’re limited to carrying two items on board a plane, I’ve been putting  the laptop in a small bag that can fit neatly into my carry-on piece.


I must admit I’ve become a pretty streamlined traveler in recent months. Trying to get two creative with things leads to overpacking and I’m the one who would be stuck hauling my stuff around. So for my trip outfits, I keep to a fairly neutral color palette and bring pieces that all kind of go together. I usually stick to dresses for work, a few easy layers for after-hours and a dark blazer that goes with everything. I prefer ponte knits and wool crepes since they tend to wrinkle less and bring shoes I know I can walk in.


For toiletries, I usually buy travel-sized items to take with me and leave stuff like shampoo and conditioner at home. For time’s sake, I usually just pull my hair back into a twist or ponytail on biz trips anyway, so I personally don’t care that much if I’m usually whatever brand shampoo, etc. that the hotel provides.

So that’s me packing for a work trip in a nutshell. Keep it simple is my motto. Thanks for reading along!

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