On Seeing Stars and Being Awkward


I saw a local news anchor at the grocery store the other day. I was getting into my car as he was getting his kids out of his–he’d parked behind me in the lot. In typical star-struck fashion I said, “Hey, Wisdom!” to which he replied, “Heeeyyy.” I followed up with the ever-eloquent “I saw you on the news this morning!” He responded with, “Well, at least someone was watching!” Obviously he was kidding and seemed like a really nice guy. But holy cow, I am so awkward.

The only other celebrity meeting I can recall is when I was pretty young and saw a local traffic lady in the mall. I proceeded to cite her entire traffic sign off. Told you I was awkward.

Have you ever met a celebrity? Local or otherwise? What did you say? Are you as awkward as me?

ootd-blackdressblueshirt-kneesup ootd-blackdressblueshirt-bust ootd-blackdressblueshirt-detail

Star-spangled top: Old Navy
Dress: Kohls
Earrings: Forever21
Boots: Steve Madden

4 thoughts on “On Seeing Stars and Being Awkward

  1. I’ve never seen a star, but i’m sure i’d be SUPER awkward. Probably worse than you. My boyfriend works at a restaurant where celebrities are a regular occurrence. Part of me wants to go hang out there every weekend, but really, it’s probably for the best I don’t meet any.

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