Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend


When I was a kid, I was pretty tall. I sprouted up before most of my classmates and I’ve struggled with too-short pants for as long as I can remember. I topped off around 5’8″ and have been right about this tall since middle school. So, if you would have told me when I was a kid that I would wear cropped pants this much as an adult, I would have laughed in your face. Thankfully, I got over my aversion. These look good and are a great staple for any business casual wardrobe. I found this pair for 50% off on a recent shopping trip with my sister. I really wanted plain white pants, but I had a gift card that needed spending the only pairs I could find were see-through.

Which leads me to a very important question… why do pants manufacturers make sheer pants? WHYYYYYY?

ootd-bwpants-detail ootd-bwpants-full ootd-bwpants-hips

Necklace: Forever21
Cardigan: Target
Top: Cable and Guage via TJ Maxx
Pants: NY & Company
Heels: Payless

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