Shirt Swap!


Hubby and I went over to a friend’s house for dinner a couple weeks ago. When she told me she had a bag of clothes that were headed to Goodwill, I was happy to have the opportunity to look through them. This is one of the shirts I snagged. It’s sheer and button-up (aka versatile!) and the details are really unique.

My friends and I used to have clothing swaps when I was in college. The premise is you bring clothes you no longer wear and in turn, you get to look through everyone else’s clothes! As long as you bring clothes, you can take clothes. Whatever doesn’t get scooped up, gets donated to charity. I’ve gotten some of my favorite items of clothing this way.


Blouse: mine (from a friend)
Skirt: H&M
Bangles: Forever21
Flats: Steve Madden via DSW

7 thoughts on “Shirt Swap!

  1. I love doing this! Once a year my friends and I gather all of the clothes that are simply taking up space in our closets, meet at one of our houses, and have a clothes swap before taking all the extras and unwanted to Goodwill!

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