Dry Clean Only


There is a Nordstrom Rack within walking distance to my work. One of my coworkers and I head over about once a month and I have been gravitating towards the maxi dresses like crazy recently. In fact, I have this exact dress in two colors. There’s just something so easy about maxi dresses. With relatively little effort–I mean, hello? You don’t even have to shave your legs!–you look spot-on. Plus, they transition really easily from day to night.

The only downside is this one is dry-clean only…Since it’s a cotton/spandex dress, that translates to a gentle wash in cold water and a hang dry. I’m such a rule-breaker.


Cardigan/Scarf: Target
Dress: Lush via Nordstrom Rack
Belt: Heritage1981
Flats: Payless

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