How to: Wear Bright Pants in Fall


As the the days get shorter, dark and earthy colors tend to dominate fall fashion, but you can pretty easily incorporate brightly colored clothes and accessories to keep your autumn wardrobe upbeat and eye-catching.


Don’t throw all your colored pants and skirts to the back of your closet just because summer is over. Tone them down with a leather belt in brown and a neutral colored cardigan. Toss on a pair of opaque black tights to transform brightly colored skirts into fall-ready apparel. Pull on a pair of patterned flats or lace-up booties, and your boldly colored pants and skirts become perfect to wear for fall.



Stay tuned for more ways to incorporate bright colors and summery staples into your fall wardrobe!

 Sweater: Target
 Blouse: H&M
 Pants: NY & Company
 Flats: Payless

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