Strategic Scarf Use


I love throwing on a contrasting scarf with this top. Mostly because it’s very boxy and has a high neckline. So, what I really mean by that is I like to camouflage it with a scarf. Fortunately, there are a ton of items in my wardrobe that have navy in them, so I have a few to choose from. This shirt still baffles me. Whyyy is there a thick elastic at the bottom? Who was like, “I’ve got just the thing. Button-down shirt with an elastic at the bottom, which will render the buttons absolutely useless. Because you can’t completely unbutton it. Muahahahha!” I’d like his or her name, please.

3 4 5

Cardigan: Nordstrom Rack
 Scarf: J. Crew
 Blouse: Vintage
 Pants: Loft
 Wedges: Target

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