A Little Bit of Sparkle


For the past 3 weeks, my washing machine has been broken and in pieces in my laundry room. Fortunately my parents are awesome and have been letting me bring all my laundry over weekly to do the wash. The downside, as you can imagine, is I do not like doing laundry any more when I have to pack it up and take it across the county than I do when all I have to do is drag it just outside my bedroom door.

I wore this outfit on a day when I left work early to come home and wait for the repairmen to arrive. The smile on my face is directly related to getting my washer back. Holla!

2 5 4 3

Shades: RayBan Cats via Amazon.com
Blouse: Walmart
Skirt: Carmen via TJ Maxx
Flats: Payless

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