Plum-spiration for the Holidays

I got these corduroys several years ago as a Christmas gift. I liked them at the time, but had no idea how to wear them and they sat in my dresser for a long while. This outfit was inspired by this pin. Can I just say: thank goodness for Pinterest. How on earth did I get dressed before it? Anyway, these really are the most beautiful burgundy/plum color and they’re perfect for fall. I wear them to work, especially as the weather gets cooler (corduroys really keep you cozy!) and I also like wearing them them to holiday dinners with the family!

 Sweater & Blouse: NY & Company
Bangles: Forever21
 Corduroys: Delia's
 Oxfords: Restricted via DSW



I love that it’s finally cool enough to wear this jacket. I got it last year (or was it the year before?) on major sale and I am obsessed. Nothing makes me feel more bad-ass than wearing leather. Or, in this case faux-leather.


Necklace: Target
Jacket: NY & Co.
Sweater: Target
Crops: Gap
Pumps: Payless



I have always felt that I dressed pretty simply, but when I actually catalog (i.e. blog) and look back at outfits, I have realized tend to wear a lot of bright colors or graphic prints, particularly to work. I guess something about the monotony of cubicleville makes me bust out my pops of color. My casual outfits lean more towards a jeans and a tee approach. This outfit doesn’t have a lot going on color-wise and it feels very subdued, but despite the neutral color pallet it’s anything but boring. Just look at those ruffles!




Necklace: c/o Born Pretty
Top: swapped from a friend
Belt: Heritage1981
Skirt: avital (gift via
Wedges: Steve Madden via DSW

Fuchsia and Neutral


I went to Walmart last weekend. For those of you who don’t know, Walmart is like my own personal hell. It’s torture because they have some really cute clothes–like this blouse! Doesn’t look Walmart-esqe, does it?– and it’s so cheap, but every Walmart I’ve ever been in is horrible. They’re always a mess and the 2 employees working are always miserable. I actually bought this top online and my recent Walmart trip had nothing to do with buying clothes, even though I did see some extremely cute maxi skirts. What about you? Do you have any love/hate relationships with certain stores?


Blazer: Forever21
Blouse: Walmart
Pants: Delias
Flats: Payless

Bridal Shower


I wore this outfit to my friend’s bridal shower earlier this month. I wanted to look cool and effortless and be comfortable. This outfit hits all three of those requirements right on the head.

The shower was amazing. My friend’s parents’ house (well, kitchen) was recently renovated and looked beautiful. I was totally drooling over the stove, even though it had more burners and compartments than I could ever know what to do with. The guest list was small and intimate. What really stood was that it was the first shower I’ve ever been to where the bride didn’t open any gifts! I know a lot of people put their nose up at this, but it was great. First of all, watching someone open gift after gift gets boring! Furthermore, it’s awkward for the bride who has to kind of exaggerate their reaction and after the first 10 or 15 gifts, “Aww, thanks!” starts to feel kind of forced. There was none of that, “Wow your gift is so much better than mine” type-feelings from guests. Plus, it gave us more time to socialize.

The thank you card I got was so sweet and sincere; so much more fulfilling than watching the bride open her gift–I’m now fully a proponent of no-gift-opening showers.


Tee: TJ Maxx
Cardigan: H&M
Belt: Forever21
Skirt: gift via
Flats: Payless

Colorblock LBD


I scored this dress off the clearance rack at Ann Taylor. I have more Little Black Dresses than I can count (almost!) but this one stuck out on the rack, not only because of the cheap price tag, but also because of the cool, nude colorblocks. It’s fun and fresh and from far away makes it look like I’m one step away from a wardrobe malfunction. Just kidding. Kinda.

ootd-colorblockdress-kneesup ootd-colorblockdress-bust ootd-colorblockdress-detail

Shades: Rayban Wayfarer
Necklace: c/o Born Pretty
Dress: Ann Taylor
Flats: Steve Madden via DSW


Spring Birds


This swallow print top is really a dress. It’s entirely too short for me to actually wear as a dress, but I love how it looks layered under my black skirt. It was totally perfect for the pretty spring day when I wore it.


Cardigan: Abound via Nordstrom Rack
Dress (worn as a top): H&M
Skirt: Target
Heels: Payless

Spring Fever


It was nearly 70 degrees when I took these photos. Absolutely gorgeous. I (or more accurately my pasty white legs) weren’t quite ready to go bare, but I wanted something springy so I busted these coral pants out of the back of my closet. I found them on Ebay (NWT! Schweeeeet!) and scooped them up last summer. Happy Spring!


Blazer: Forever21
Necklace: Target
Button-down: Old Navy
Pants: Loft
Heels: Payless

Wind Blown

OOTD-nude, black and purple

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this blazer. I love the silky leopard print on the inside. I sometimes convince myself it doesn’t fit properly. I’ve had it for years and it’s been sitting in my closet for some time. I certainly didn’t wear it during fall and have yet to wear it this winter. It wasn’t until I pulled out out last night with the intention of dropping it in the “donate” pile, when I slipped it on and I was like, “Okay, I still love you. I’ll try you tomorrow” and came up with this. 

As another aside, today would have been a great day to wear my hair up. Sock bun, anybody? I didn’t think of that until after I came inside with freezing hands and severely wind-tangled hair though. There’s always tomorrow!

OOTD-nude, black and purple-kneesup OOTD-nude, black and purple-detail OOTD-nude, black and purple-bust

Blazer: H&M
Top: IZ Byer California via Kohl's
Pants: Target
Heel: Payless

Neutral on a Cloudy Day


The folks over at Born Pretty sent me this beautiful necklace. It adds just the right amount of sparkle to a neutral outfit like this one. They have a huge selection of inexpensive and super trendy jewelry & accessories.


As an extra incentive for you to check them out, Born Pretty set up a coupon code for my readers! Get 10% off your order by using coupon code: MKKT10.

Use Coupon Code: MKKT10 to receive 10% off your order!

Cardigan: New York & Company
Necklace: c/o Born Pretty
Blouse: Forever21
Pants: New York & Company
Flats: Steve Madden via DSW