Working out the Kinks


Remember when I did a post about being about to remix a piece of clothing with 3 different items already in your closet? Here’s that amazing skirt making yet another appearance with another piece from my current closet. Unfortunately, the focus on my camera was a little off and I didn’t catch it until after I uploaded these photos. Unfortunately these don’t look that great, but I’m hoping the fact that I’m wearing this outfit a 4th way will excuse me while I work out the kinks. Did I mention I got a new camera?

2 3 4

Tank: Target
Skirt: Forever21
Flats: Spring

Business Casual Maxi Dress


I really love maxi dresses. They’re like wearing pajamas, but better. They’re perfect for lots of occasions, but I struggle with wearing this particular dress to work. It’s pretty casual, so over the next few months I’m going to try remixing it with dressier pieces to make it business casual appropriate. Fortunately I work in an environment where “business casual” is sometimes more casual than business, but I still try to look dressy…ish. Without further ado, here’s my first attempt.


Blouse: mine (from a friend)
Dress: Old Navy
Flats: New Balance for Nine West

Tribal and Mint


I fell in love with this dress the first time I saw it in Target. I wrote about that the last time I wore it (remix link below).

What I didn’t write about is the challenge of owing a dress like this. Yes, it’s cute. Yes, the pattern pops. And, yes, it’s generally pretty darn awesome. However, because the pattern is so striking and recognizable, I have found it can be difficult to remix without looking like I’m wearing the same thing over and over. Fortunately this dress has a ton of color and I can pull a bunch of different things to wear it with from my current wardrobe. As you can see, the dress looks decidedly summery here, but by pairing it with all back and boots, I made it work for winter (again, below).

Do you have any pieces that are very recognizable and difficult to remix? I’d love to read your tips for remixing these statement pieces.


 Cardigan: Abound via Nordstrom Rack
 Dress: Target
 Heels: Payless

Cold-Weather Remix

Vintage-Looking Floral Skirt

Happy Friday!!! I hope you had a great week. I got this skirt last month from Forever21. It was in their Love21 Contemporary line, which is a little more modest than most of what that godforsaken store sells. I was looking for a floral skirt and was so excited that this one wasn’t a mini, that I scooped it up. In my haste, I broke one of the rules that I give myself when I go shopping: don’t buy it unless you can think of 3 different ways to wear it on the spot.

So, it sat in my closet for a couple weeks while I pondered the outfits I could wear. Here are three that I came up with.


Look 1
Top: NY & Company
Wedges: Steve Madden


Look 2
Hat: Ebay
Top: NY & Company
Flats: Payless


Look 3
Necklace: Forever21
Top: Heritage1981
Wedges: Target

Do you have any shopping rules? I’d love to hear them!