Old is New

OOTD-maroon, blue and white-full

Is it bad that I bought this sweater with the intention of wearing it with this shirt? This shirt. I’ve had it for years, but I struggle with it because it’s one of those shirts you actually have to iron after you wash it. And I’m one of those people who hates ironing. Last night something came over me and I pulled out the iron and was rewarded with a mostly (I hate ironing, remember?) wrinkle-free top. Paired it with some wedges I’ve had since high school and some cords I got about 4 years ago and there you have it! Old is new.

OOTD-maroon, blue and white-detail OOTD-maroon, blue and white-kneesupOOTD-maroon, blue and white-bust

Blouse: Heritage 1981
Sweater: Target
Cords: Delias
Wedges: Target

11 thoughts on “Old is New

  1. Lol about the ironing…I am totally with you. I will RARELY wear something if it needs to be ironed which definitely makes for some rough mornings getting ready for work! Loving this look though, the cords provide such a great pop of color!

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